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I am a Futures Trader, Independent AVON Sales Representative, Director for Miss Kitty's Long Branch Ranch Incorporated, and VP of Raffey Development & Remodeling, Inc. In my spare time, I enjoy writing about life, love and fear. While sort-of in-between this time above and that time below, I typed my dad's book, "From the Cotton Patch to Ph.D., God's Management of Man through the Eyes of a Scientist," and saw it through the publication process. I have also been a Paralegal, a Real Estate Salesperson and the head of Accounts Receivable for a large property management firm. Finally, I am doing what I love and loving what I do. I am a big proponent of, "If I can do it, then you can, too!"


I found myself feeling a little worried today And then a voice said inside my head HEY! Have you forgotten how you felt just the other day, You had a calm sense of peace and knew everything would be okay. Give no attention to the negative in your head, Turn that talk around, generate positive, it said, And if you’re having trouble putting circumstances to bed, Get on YouTube and listen to your favorite thought-leader instead!

(That would be Brendon Burchard by the way, Look him up whenever you need to brighten your day.)

So I started thanking God for Dave, he really is a dear, And I am thankful he knows all about responding in love or reacting in fear. For it has been such a blessing, his response to me staying here, He has been supportive and kind, even though he wants me near.

My thoughts then turned back to going to Ardmore, And the feeling crept in that it was some kind of chore. So I adjusted my perspective and prayed for my will no more, And I felt proud and humbled and thankful when I walked out the door.

If you know me, then you know I like to save the best for last, Which is the Thanksgiving Dinner we attended at noon – it was a blast! It was at the Hastings Senior Citizens Center, where we had quite a cast, There were so many I wanted to see but the time went by too fast.

I really love this town and so I am trying to figure it out – What we are going to do. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and so I start to doubt That this, I will get through. But then God somehow reminds me that in Him I can trust, And that I can only live one moment at a time, and adjust my thinking to this, I must.

I do not know what our futures hold, if I will remain bold or if I’ll even grow old, but God does and He will let me know when I need to. Needing to know before then, just makes me blue.


Today we mostly chilled, quite literally.

We dreaded the drive to Duncan in the 27 degree weather Then we realized that the car was the warmest spot altogether. Cleaned out the car from our 9 day trip, we did that too, And now the house looks like a zoo. The cats don’t want us to leave again and they pout, They won’t leave me alone, they were on my nerves and I wanted to shout. Instead, I phoned a friend.

I told her nothing of my feline frustrations Because I have no doubt That when I’m dealing with this type of mood, It’s not really what it’s about. The cat did not create my seeming lack of care, It was not what set me off, My mood was already there. So I searched deep within me For what it was I feared and nothing could I see. And because I believe whatever we fear Can be countered completely with love, In the end, I phoned a friend.


We made it back to Hastings fine Although I thought it would be about 7 And it was more like 9 (eastern time).

It was raining in Dallas And the wind was fierce And my nerves, Google did pierce.

My maps app kept rerouting us, With no ability to discuss. “Accidents,” the voice would say, “You better go this way!”

“No,” I screamed, “that doesn’t make sense!” Leaving my brother in suspense. “Which way do I go,” He wanted to know, “Do you know where we are?” “No, Guess we listen to Google.”


A year ago today we had A memorial service for our dad It is strange how quickly things can change (or not) Depending on how our thoughts, we arrange. Grateful to my friends, am I, Who have helped me to see as the time went by, That the choice is mine, how I feel, I can either accept it or say, “This can’t be real.”

Acceptance is the key And between you and me, Sometimes it sucks. But far worse is wishing it weren’t so And not letting go.

Letting go does not mean I have forgotten.

And sure, I would rather my dad be alive And that my mom, eleven months later, did not die, But he’s not and she did, and for me to truly live, I cannot wish that it weren’t so, in a “woe is me,” way, No, No, No!

Instead, I choose to focus on love And be grateful to God in heaven above For the parents He gave me for 48 years And for my brothers, whom I have come to hold very dear. And for the wonderful conclusion He gave us of this past year.